Homepage of Slick's Slices, Wes Bos's Gatsby and Sanity project

Slick's Slices

I coded along with this Master Gatsby & Sanity tutorial by Wes Bos. The "Slick's Slices" project is a mock pizza restaurant's website powered by Gatsby, where the customer can design and order their own pie. The back end CMS is powered by Sanity, so the fictional restaurant manager can easily update the site to show which "Slicemasters" are currently on shift and which pizzas and toppings are available.

In this project I learned to:

  • Build a website from scratch using Gatsby
  • Source data from the Sanity CMS
  • Generate an order confirmation email
  • Deploy and host a website using Netlify
  • Use scoped CSS, tags and filtering, and progressive images

Check out Wes Bos's finished site at gastby.pizza and view the code on my github repo.

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